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About the Company

The History

The founders of FastFloors.com started their Internet flooring business in 1997, but their experience goes back over two decades. Now, with more than 25 years behind them, their knowledge of flooring sales, service and installation is unsurpassed.

Their extensive and diverse background has also led to many strong business relationships. This includes everyone from professional installers to executives from some of the most well-known flooring manufacturers.

The Goal

Over the years, the founders listened to countless customers describe their floor shopping experiences – good and bad. Armed with that information, they set out to accomplish a goal: to create the world’s best source for flooring products.

To do this, they knew they would have to offer the largest selection of top quality products at the lowest possible prices, and support the operation with superior customer service. They would also have to make their products and services available to customers everywhere, and the only way to accomplish that was via the Internet.

The Benefits

Conducting business through the Internet helps FastFloors.com keep their overhead low. By maintaining a smaller physical location, FastFloors.com is able to significantly reduce their operating costs. These savings are then passed along to their customers.

Because their primary showroom is virtual instead of physical, FastFloors.com has unlimited inventory space. This means that customers can browse thousands of products from hundreds of manufacturers, and do so from the convenience and comfort of their own homes. This eliminates all the traditional shopping problems. No wear and tear on vehicles, dealing with traffic problems, burning extra fuel, finding a parking space, or confronting high-pressure sales people.

Besides the savings offered by reduced overhead, customers save even more money at FastFloors.com because there is no middleman. FastFloors.com deals directly with some of the largest and most respected flooring manufacturers in the world. Because of their buying power, combined with their national distribution network, FastFloors.com has a major advantage over the competition. Their sales volume is up to 100 times larger than the average retail outlet, and when it comes to pricing, no other online retailer can offer the same quality flooring for less.

Another benefit of shopping at FastFloors.com is their friendly, knowledgeable staff of flooring specialists. All are fully qualified and prepared to answer any flooring-related question. If they don’t have an immediate answer, they will get it and call the customer back.

In addition to flooring specialists, there are also order processors, freight handlers and customer service representatives who are dedicated to customer satisfaction. They make sure that all FastFloors.com customers have a pleasant shopping experience and that they are completely happy with their purchases.

If you have ever shopped at a local flooring store or for flooring at a home and garden center, it was probably not a good experience. You may have found that the sales people couldn’t answer all of your questions. Perhaps they weren’t knowledgeable on the latest products that you had seen advertised. Instead, they tried to get you to purchase something other than what you really wanted. This is a fairly common experience, but one that you will never have at FastFloors.com.

The sales associates at FastFloors.com are salaried and they keep up to date on the latest flooring products and trends. This gives customers the most up-to-date information available, and ensures they get exactly what they want. Equally important, ALL FastFloors.com employees are located in the United States to provide fast service and secure transactions.

The Savings

After customers have selected their flooring, they are encouraged to compare the FastFloors.com price with their local flooring retailer’s price. They will find that buying from FastFloors.com will save them from 15% to 70%, and the best part is that FastFloors.com guarantees that their prices are the lowest! They will meet or beat any competitor’s price on the same item – though it is highly unlikely that a competitor with a lower price can be found.

The Bottom Line

There are plenty of companies that claim to be better than their competitors, but few that have their claims backed by independent sources. This is not the case, however, with FastFloors.com. Not only do they claim to be better than the competition, their claim is supported by Money magazine. In the May 2000 issue, Money listed FastFloors.com as one of the best online sources for flooring.

FastFloors.com has come along way since 1997. Their selection of flooring products has grown considerably – and it continues to grow. Customers will find more choices at the lowest prices at FastFloors.com than at any other flooring source. They will also find friendly, professional assistance and a wealth of resources to help them before and after the sale.

Articles are posted on FastFloors.com describing the different types of flooring materials. There are also installation instructions, design tips, advice on care and maintenance, and information about individual manufacturers and their products.

The founders of FastFloors.com have reached their initial goal. But now there is a new goal: to remain to be the world’s best source for flooring products.

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