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Company Philosophy

GigaGolf's commitment is to offer the latest in golf technology at affordable prices. We do this by manufacturing golf equipment with only the best names in component heads, shafts and grips. And we do not hire professionals to play our equipment.

Top Quality Component Heads

GigaGolf uses component heads from the best suppliers and manufacturers in the industry. Names like Hireko, Acer, Golfsmith and Snake Eyes. Our component heads are carefully selected and must meet exacting standards with respect to material, weight, loft and lie tolerances. Although the shaft is by far the most important component in any golf club, GigaGolf strives to offer only the best component heads. We do not sell any equipment that has been deemed to infringe on the patents or trademarks of other manufacturers.

Top Quality Shafts

The shaft is the engine that drives all great shots. This is why GigaGolf offers our quality custom fitted golf clubs with only the best and most widely respected shaft brands available. True Temper (the number one steel shaft on the PGA tours), UST (the most colorful shaft on the PGA tour), Royal Precision and Harrison are some of the names good enough for our clubs.

We save you money two ways

1. The GigaGolf approach to golf clubs is similar to Dell's approach to computers. We enable golfers to customize their club selection based on what you, the customer, want. We then build the clubs to the tightest manufacturing guidelines and ship them directly to your door. Cutting out the middleman allows us to dramatically reduce the cost of our custom products.

2. We do not hire big name sponsors. Hearing that a well known golfer or celebrity is playing with brand name products does lend credibility to the manufacturer. But more significantly, it increases the price of the product. In addition, the clubs you buy off the rack are very different from what tour professionals use. The shaft and other playing characteristics are customized to meet the needs of the touring pros. In some cases, the only similarity between the equipment pros use in tournaments and the "off the rack" clubs is the logo.

Brand Name and Custom Golf Equipment

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