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A Brief History

Golfballs.com was started in 1995, as a purely virtual business. Initially no inventory was carried and we only offered a limited selection of used golf balls. Over time we learned that the only way to service the customer was to carry a complete selection of inventory yourself, manage customer service in-house and provide your own fulfillment operations.

To date, Golfballs.com has sold over 5,000,000 golf balls direct to customers in all 50 states and to 40 different countries. Golfballs.com carries the most complete selection of new, used, and custom logo golf balls in the world and is expanding selection monthly.

Custom Logo Ball Printing

In the last twelve months Golfballs.com has invested over $200,000 in state of the art custom ball printing equipment allowing us unsurpassed efficiency and printing quality. We have made a major commitment to this aspect of our business to allow us to provide better service to our customers.

Choosing the Right Type of Ball

Q: How do I choose the right ball for me?
With the staggering growth of the golf ball market, it is becoming paradoxically easier, yet more confusing, to find the golf ball that suits your game. Whether you're a Low Handicapper or a Weekend Warrior, you now have a multitude of balls to choose from … which is where the confusion sets in. With such a huge variety on the market, the task of finding the best ball for you can be daunting. Sure, even the best of us fall prey to clever advertisements that strongly imply that yes, we too can play like the pros … but choosing a ball because your favorite golfer uses it will no more make you Tiger Woods as will a tube of Cover Girl lipstick make the average girl look like Cindy Crawford. The trick is to first identify the qualities you look for in a golf ball. Once you've done this, you can then focus on matching these qualities up with the correct ball.

Are you looking for a golf ball that gives you distance, spin or a little bit of both (Spin/Distance)?

Unfortunately when you choose one of these characteristics, you have to sacrifice a little of the other.

Q: What is a Distance Golf Ball?
Distance Golf Balls are usually two-piece which consists of a core and cover. The core is made up of a highly resilient rubber compound blended with additives to achieve maximum distance. The cover of the golf ball is made of Surlyn, which is a durable material that is very tough to cut even with the worst of shots. (For mid to high handicap golfers.)

Q: Why is Distance better than Spin?

  • Straighter ball flight
  • Shorter approach shots to the green
  • Very durable (Does not cut easily.)

Q: What is a Spin Ball?
Spin Golf Balls are usually three-piece which consists of a rubber ball that may or may not be liquid filled (core), wound rubber bands (mantle) and a soft cover (usually balata, urethane or elastomer). These soft covers allow the golf ball to stay on the clubface longer, which produces high spin rates. (For low to mid handicap golfers)

Q: Why is Spin better than Distance?

  • Great for shot stopping control especially when there are difficult pins
  • Excellent feel
  • Easier to fade or draw your golf shot when needed

Q: Spin-Distance Combinations
Manufacturers are beginning to produce golf balls that give a little bit of both Distance and Spin. Most Spin/ Distance Golf Balls are two-piece like the distance ball with the only minor difference being that they put additives into the surlyn cover to soften it up. These golf balls are not quite as soft as the spin balls and not as hard as the distance balls. Spin/ Distance Golf Balls meet you right in the middle. (You may not get quite as much distance as the distance ball vice versa but it is a great mediator.) The other type of spin/ distance ball is the multi-layered golf ball. This is a three-piece golf ball except that it is not wound. The core and mantle are soft rubber compounds that enable the golf ball to feel as though you are hitting a wound golf ball even though you aren't. Most multi-layered golf balls also have soft surlyn covers.

Golfballs.com offers the largest selection of new, used, custom logo & personalized golf balls on the planet! Check them out at www.golfballs.com

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