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Your nutritional source
For years Great American Products has been the source for high quality nutritional supplements. We’re committed to supplying you with the most effective nutritional supplements available anywhere. Further, Great American Products is committed to providing you with the latest in nutritional research; that’s why we publish our newsletter, Great American Health & Nutrition and offer it to you free of charge.

High quality you deserve
We continually strive to have the highest quality products in the industry. Our standards assure that you’ll receive the most effective nutritional supplements available. All Great American Products undergo intense scrutiny at every stage of the manufacturing process. Plus, every bottle is safety sealed and stamped.

Leading-edge research and development
As we all know, technology moves at a very fast pace. To help you keep in touch with the latest in nutritional science, our research and development department continuously analyzes the latest research in numerous scientific publications - all in an effort to discover safe, natural and effective solutions to help you meet your specific nutritional needs on an ongoing basis.

Our Products:

Ultimate HGH
Master HGH Oral Spray
Ultimate Slim
Ultimate Slim 2
Ultimate Slim PM
Ultra HA
Ultimate Pain Restrain
Ultimate Glucose Advantage
Maximum Liver Advantage
Essential Eye Support
Ultimate Allergy Relief
Snore Relieve
Master Detox Program
Fat Blaster
Fat Blaster System
Ultimate Wild Oregano Oil
Ultimate Cold & Flu
Green Spectrum
Ultimate Hair, Skin & Nails
Ultimate Slim Soy Protein Shakes
Peak Libido
Master Omega Oils
Liquid Mineral Boost
Arthritis Assist
Arthritis Assist Pain Relief Cream
Green Supreme Multi
Digest Relief
Osteo Assist
Master Cell Protector
Master Cell Protector Replenishing Cream
Female Harmony
Female Balance
Cholesterol Assist
Prostate Assist
Mood Assist
Sleep Assist
Ultimate Memory
Ultimate Cardio Program
Valued Customer 99¢ Club
Fat Blaster Gourmet Meal Bars

Look 10 Years Younger in 10 Weeks!

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