Hickory Farm's Beef & Cheese Gifts

We are proud to be an affiliate of Hickory Farms -- click the link above to visit our partner!

For over 50 years, Hickory Farms® has been a tradition in gift giving. And for good reason: Tasteful gifts of our award-winning Beef Stick Summer Sausages, delectable cheeses, meats, fruits, desserts and more that are easy to give - and always delicious to receive. Make it Hickory Farms® Special!

Visit the Hickory Farms Corporate Gifts Division. We offer the freshest, most innovative gifts - plus timeless Hickory Farms classics. It's the perfect way to reward employees and vendors and to show your appreciation to clients and business associates. Hickory Farms has a delicious assortment of classic Beef and Cheese gifts, premium fruit, steaks, seafood, dessert, snacks, nut assortments, and so much more.

Many customers use our products and rewards as redeemable holiday or incentive gifts.

A Hickory Farms® Gourmet Rewards® gift certificate program can build business, customer and employee relationships for your company. Gourmet Rewards® can be used for: Corporate Gift Giving - Customer Satisfaction Programs - Recognition Awards - Apology Programs - Retention Programs - Employee Safety Programs - Congratulations for a Job Well Done.
Gourmet Rewards® is a gift certificate program that has three levels, Diplomat - $25, Ambassador - $50 and President - $100. Each level has 12 selections from which to choose. There is no dollar denomination on the gift certificate. Therefore a Gourmet Rewards® gift certificate is not a gift of money. The recipient gets to choose a gift without ever knowing how much you spent - and the shipping is free. Your recipient will truly appreciate your thoughtfulness in giving a gift that perfectly suits his or her taste.

Each Gourmet Reward® gift certificate comes with an elegant presentation folder that can be personalized with your company's logo. Included are the gift catalog, the gift certificate, ordering instructions and a reply envelope. Additionally, each certificate can be personalized with a message from your company. Certificates can be redeemed by phone, mail or online. We also have the ability to issue electronic gift certificates that can be redeemed online. Electronic gift certificates will be e-mailed to your recipient within 24 hours. All you have to do is supply us with your personal message and the recipient's name and e-mail address - we take care of the rest.

We invite you to ask us about our great ideas for your next promotion. Our of classic Beef and Cheese gifts, premium fruit, steaks, seafood, dessert and snacks can be used creatively, in promoting your product or service, or to celebrate a special event. Our Corporate Sales team has the expertise to create a wide variety of custom gifts.

Hickory Farm's Desserts, Sweets & Nuts

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