International Jock: Fashion Jockstraps

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International Jock offers men's & boys jockstraps & sports underwear - jockstraps, athletic supporters and support briefs, jockstraps with hard & soft cups, compression shorts, sliding shorts, thongs & men's underwear.

Need a baseball jockstrap, groin cup, wrestling singlet or a suspensory? We've got the biggest and best selection on the Internet.

Please be sure to check out our New & Unusual Items and Top Ten Bestsellers.

Choosing the Right Sports Underwear

Since the invention of the first jockstrap over 125 years ago, a wide variety of protective underwear for men has been developed. Our selection of jockstraps, briefs, cups and compression shorts will fit the needs of athletes in all sports. Choosing a garment that is right for you depends upon the sports you’re playing and how much protection you want.

Some guys risk it and never wear a cup or jock while others wouldn’t think of going out onto the field without them. Hard cups are highly recommended for both football and baseball, narrow waistband supporters for running and swimming. Some wrestlers wear jocks and soft cups, some don’t. It’s really up to you to decide how much protection and support you want and what you are comfortable wearing.

Many athletes wear more than one pair of underwear at the same time: wearing a pair of compression shorts under a hard cup and strap, a jockstrap over a pair of briefs or a soft cup slipped into a regular jock.

Whatever your sport and preferences, you’ll find the perfect stuff to protect your stuff by browsing in our fourteen product categories: Jockstraps, Swimmer Jocks, Hard Cups, Soft Cups, Fashion Underwear, Fashion Jocks, Hockey and Boxing, Sports Briefs, Shorts & Tights, Wrestling Gear, Thongs & Dance Belts, Suspensories, Top Ten Bestsellers, New and Unusual, and Boys and Youth Sizes.

Choosing the Right Size

Except for suspensories, the products we carry are sized according to waist size, not the pouch or cup size. Jock support pouches are made out of material designed to fit all men and boys.

You can use the size selector on the product ordering pages to select your waist size. If your waist size falls on the borderline between two sizes, choose the larger or smaller size depending upon how snugly you like your jock to hold you. For example, if a jockstrap is available in Small (26-32) and Medium (32-38) and your waist size is 32 inches, choose the bigger or smaller size based on how tightly you like the jock to fit. We carry a variety of styles so that you can choose a design that fits the sport and sizing needs of any man or boy.

Also, keep in mind that most jocks will shape themselves to fit you after repeated workouts and laundering. Like a good pair of jeans, they stretch and adapt over time to fit the shape of your body.

A Note of Caution

The protective garments offered here provide a degree of protection to help reduce the risks of injury. Participants in any sports activity assume risk of injury. No equipment can guarantee player safety from injury while participating in a sporting event and the use of the goods we sell carries no such guarantee from their manufacturers. The user, therefore, must assume full responsibility for all risk of injuries.

Note: with time and use the materials in some of these products will lose some of their effectiveness and will require replacement. Do not use any sports equipment that is damaged in any way.

International Jock: Wrestling Gear

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