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Providing an Internet and Digital Content Infrastructure for a New Publishing Industry
iUniverse is the digital content service provider that is changing the publishing industry. By offering a broad array of services -- digitization of content, customization and personalization -- iUniverse has become the champion of the new digital economy.

By harnessing the power of the Internet, ePublishing, on-demand printing and eCommerce, iUniverse eliminates the necessity of massive print runs, dramatically shortens time-to-market, and gives content creators control over when and how their works are published.

Take advantage of print on demand technology to see your book in print fast. We provide custom design, distribution. Discover how by clicking now.

Corporate Overview
iUniverse helps individuals publish, market, and sell fiction and non-fiction books. The company is the largest independent publisher in the U.S. and publishes more than 5,000 new titles per year. iUniverse publishing programs are endorsed by industry leading author organizations, including the Authors Guild, ASJA, and the Mystery Writers of America. The company's major investors include Warburg Pincus and Barnes & Noble.

You can be a published author – iUniverse, the leading independent publisher, can get your book in print in about a month. Don’t wait another day, click now.

  • Author Publishing
    In the last year we've published thousands of different books, more than many traditional publishers. Our authors include award-winners and best-sellers. Why look elsewhere?

  • The Inside Track
    Looking to be discovered by one of the New York publishers? Publish with iUniverse and your book could have an inside track to being picked up by a Kensington editor.

  • iUniverse Bookstore
    Find a new book on architecture or newly available out-of-print book on zoology with Browse Before You Buy, the distinctive online experience that replicates a real bookstore.

A bookstore of discovery – thousands of unique, niche, special interest and mainstream titles – explore iUniverse today. Click here.

What it lies in our power to do, it lies in our power not to do.



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