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LinkShare's mission is to drive the growth of electronic commerce by facilitating the creation of all types of profitable business partnerships, in whatever form these partnerships may take. By creating a marketplace in which all e-businesses can simply and easily partner with affiliated web sites willing to market and sell their goods and services, LinkShare is removing the complexity and confusion surrounding online marketing. LinkShare provides the vision and leading-edge technology and services that make this possible.

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"Bright Spots inMarketing"
By Steve Jarvis
Staff Writer, Marketing News

Marketers know that a recession is a good time to build brand equity and market share, but the financial managers they report to typically demand that the marketing department do more with less during lean times. Meanwhile, few companies have the systems in place to measure ROI on marketing expenditures, and that has left many traditional marketing categories this economic downturn.

But bright spots exist in the industry, areas in which marketers have been willing, and able, to invest time, effort and precious dollars (including salaries for new hires) despite nationwide layoffs, fallout from the Enron debacle and other indicators of a slow recovery. Not surprisingly, finding efficiencies in the marketing process is a common thread.

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