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Since 1890, the Mouawad family has been a leading purveyor of the finest gems, jewelry, and watches to royalty and other discerning connoisseurs. The Mouawad Group is also a prominent contributor to the educational aims of the jewelry industry, highlighted by the Gemological Institute of America’s Robert Mouawad Campus.

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First Generation
1860: A man endowed with a pioneering spirit set out from his native Lebanon. David Mouawad traveled through the United States and Mexico learning the craft of the watch-maker, goldsmith and jeweller. He returned to Beirut in 1890 and opened a workshop there. While David repaired watches and jewellery, he embellished his craft by manufacturing magnificent and intricate church clocks and creating original pieces commissioned by his wealthy clients. So a tradition was born and the foundations of a philosophy securely laid. They have been preserved and respected by David's descendants through four generations.

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Second Generation
David's son Fayez inherited the trade from his father. He left the "Land of Cedars" to set up his business in Saudi Arabia. He was the first and only foreigner to be granted this privilege by royal decree, a prerogative he passed on to his son, Robert. Jewellers to Kings, they fashioned magnificent pieces and unique creations often commemorating exceptional events. To this day, Mouawad Jewellers produce and display sumptuous masterpieces in Europe, the Middle East, the Far East and the United States of America.

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Third Generation
Robert Mouawad built upon and developed the family vocation, first in Saudi Arabia and then around the world. He broadened his knowledge through exhaustive research into art, craftsmanship and state-of-the-art technology. His tenure, which continues to the present day, has been characterized by company growth, expansion, and the family's continued quest for perfection. Under Robert Mouawad, the Mouawad Group has been formally established and a presence established in Europe and North America. The group is constantly expanding and subsidiaries have been set up around the world. Robert Mouawad's dynamism, strength and commitment to the jewellery industry have assisted him in fulfilling his goals. He was, and still is dedicated to exploring new directions and setting standards for the industry. Such commitment and creative energy are hereditary. Robert Mouawad's three sons Fred, Alain and Pascal have pursued higher level business education and all are currently involved in the luxury goods business.

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Fourth Generation
As the fourth generation of this prestigious lineage, Robert's sons have continued to innovate and expand the family business. Fred Mouawad, a graduate gemologist who attended Harvard, founded a venture capital firm, and started numerous ventures around the world including a jewelry trade publication called "Instore." Alain, also sharing the enthusiasm for the family trade, established a line of luxury goods shops in Europe that carry Mouawad products. Pascal, a graduate gemologist with an MBA from the Anderson School at UCLA, meanwhile, was traveling the world managing different factories and retail stores for The Mouawad Group. In early 1998, Fred and Pascal decided to bring the family tradition of quality and service to a wider public by founding the luxury e-tailer Mondera. Mondera, launched in 1999, represents the unique combination of modern innovation with the Mouawad family's 110 years of experience in the gem and jewelry business.

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Into The Future
Today the Mouawad Group is represented in five different continents and dozens of countries, and the momentum shows no sign of ceasing. The first year of the new millennium featured the opening of the Mouawad Group's USA division, with a merchandising, design and administration center based in the heart of New York City's jewellery district. August of 2000 saw the launch of the Mouawad flagship store in London's Prestigious New Bond Street. In 2001 the Mouawad Group played a major role in one of the most important diamond exhibits ever assembled, hosting the French Natural History Museum's "Diamonds" collection.The Paris Exhibition was just the start of a long journey of exhibits for the Mouawad Group, and part of a much longer journey into another century of distinguished success, continuing the family commitment to integrity and excellence that David Mouawad first began in 1890.

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