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In 1986, Paul Sacher placed a 2Ēx 2Ē advertisement in the Wall Street Journal, determined to sell his limited inventory of menís dress shirts to businessmen. Fifteen years later, Paul Fredrick is a multi-million-dollar enterprise, one of the countryís top direct response companies for menís head to toe apparel.

Paul Fredrick has its roots in the Fleetwood Shirt Company, a nationally known contract manufacturer established by Paulís father-in-law, Leonard Abrams, in 1951. As a consultant to the company during the early 1980ís, Paul supervised production, working with designers, manufacturers and department store buyers. When contract manufacturing hit troubled times during the mid 1980ís, Paul was quick to see the benefits of offering quality menís fashion apparel directly to the consumer via catalog.

In 1986 the companyís first mailing was delivered Ė an assortment of fabric swatches affixed to a card and mailed in a #10 envelope. The mailing piece was assembled on Paulís dining room table. Although only a few shirts were originally offered, they were available in a wide range of sizes. The shirt brand quickly caught on, and within just a few short years, Paul Fredrick had customers throughout the U.S..

As demand for menís clothing grew in the late 1980ís, Paul Fredrick responded by expanding their product line, offering even more dress shirts and adding ties, socks, belts and jewelry. In 1990, Paul Fredrick mailed their first full color catalog. In 1999, the merchandise line expanded once again adding sport coats, knits, shoes and trousers to the collection. Today, over 10 million catalogs are mailed annually in all 50 states, and the company has a customer base in many other counties throughout the world.

In addition to the catalog, Paul Fredrick ventured into online sales in the late 1980ís. The company became a merchant in AOL and Prodigy, early shopping communities. In the mid 1990ís Paul Fredrick launched their own frequently visited web site, In 1998 weekly promotional emails followed. Most recently, in 2001 the web site took on a new, user-friendly navigation and design.

Today Paul Fredrick Menstyle is a leader in dressing up American men, combining a strong sense of style and comfort with exceptional value.

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