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Famous Filets
Perfectly and naturally aged, the Pfaelzer Famous Filet is remarkably tender, with a distinct, mellow, melt in your mouth flavor. It is quite simply the finest steak available. From your first succulent bite you will know you're enjoying something very, very special. It is one of Americas prized filet mignons.

New York Strips
The classic favorite in the top steakhouses and homes of steak-lovers across America is the New York Strip Steak. It's so thick, juicy and bursting with robust beef flavor. This aromatic, tender, and savory cut is considered to be the "King of Steaks".

Porterhouse & T-Bone
The Porterhouse is the "King and Queen of Steaks". On one side is the Queen of Steaks, a fork-tender, subtly flavored filet. On the other side, you'll taste the King of Steaks, a robustly flavored New York strip. This kingdom is divided by the long, white "T-Bone", which imparts a delicious, subtle flavor.

Perfectly hand-cut, our ribeyes are carved from the "eye" of a prime rib roast. The hand-trimming leaves only lean meat, with just enough marbling to guarantee superb flavor. Our ribeyes are famous for having the tenderness of a filet, but with the full flavor of a New York strip steak.

Black Angus
Famous for its tenderness, juiciness, and flavor, this is the kind of meat that melts in your mouth. We have established a set of strict quality standards to insure that when you care enough to send Black Angus Beef, you get only the very finest.

Completely Trimmed
Completely trimmed of all fat, these are the lightest, leanest Pfaezler steaks of all. Naturally aged, the flavor and taste of Pfaelzer's Trimmed Filets is as full as ever.

Bacon-Wrapped Sirloins
We've combined the mouth watering flavor of thick, juicy bacon, with the most flavorful of all steak cuts-the filet of top sirloin, to create this delicious steak.

Steak Assortments
We've put together our favorite cuts of meat to create a variety of gift steak assortments. Surf and Turf assortments, and Filet and Strips combo to name just a few.

We've created perfection with our variety of pork products. Perfect for any occasion our Spiral sliced Hickory Smoked Ham, Stuffed Pork Roast, Crown Roast of Pork, savory Pork Loin, and Baby Back Ribs will be consistently enjoyed.

From traditional butter broth turkeys to the unforgettable Turducken, our assortment will make your entertaining plans easy. Choose from Stuffed Chicken Breasts, Cornish Game Hens, Turkey Breasts, and Stuffed Chicken Roulades to name a few.

The centerpiece of a fabulous meal begins here. For your family and theirs choose from Classic Prime Rib Roast and Beef Tenderloin for Chateaubriand. Any of these entrees will be sure to please.

Ostrich, Lamb, & Game
A little different, but definitely delicious, each entrée makes for superb dining. Choose from three cuts of lamb, ostrich steaks, and a unique variety of game.

Complete Dinners
Whether you're serving 2, 4, or 6 guests, our complete dinners create the finest dinner parties. Choose from a complete Beef Wellington Dinner for Six, a romantic Filet Mignon Dinner for Two, and more.

Pfaelzer Private Reserve Fruit Plan
Our Private Reserve Fruit Plan is pure indulgence and is specially designed to make your gift giving unforgettable.

Pfaelzer Gourmet Food Plan I
Our Gourmet Food Plan is both impressive and exciting, and is specially designed to make your gift giving unforgettable.

Pfaelzer Gourmet Food Plan II
Our Gourmet Food Plan is both impressive and exciting, and is specially designed to make your gift giving unforgettable.

Pfaelzer Steak Plan for Two
Whether it's a romatic evening with a special person, or simply time to relax while enjoying a fine meal, try our Steak-for-Two Gift of the Month Plan.

Best of Pfaelzer Plan
Sample the best Pfaelzer has to offer every single month. From pears to filets to Ice Cream Truffles, this is the perfect way to say you care.

Pfaelzer Deluxe Holiday Steak Plan
The Deluxe Holiday Steak Plan gives the best of two worlds. Premium, restaurant quality steaks with the freedom to prepare them at home.

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