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Dear friend,
It seems only a short time ago that I began my medical practice. I was fresh out of residency and ready to cure the world’s ills. After all, I have spent all these years learning everything there was to know about various diseases and different medications that could cure them!

But, after a few short years, I became disillusioned with my practice. It did not appear that I was actually curing anything. All I was doing was dispensing prescriptions. The practice became a routine. "Here is your prescription, thanks for coming, see you in a month." If these medications were really so wonderful, why didn’t the condition become better? Why did the patient have to take them for the rest of his or her life?

It became clear to me that the medications do not really cure anything. They simply control the symptoms, without treating the underlying causes of the disease. As long as you take your medications, the symptoms remain tolerable but as soon as you stop them, the problem comes back, sometimes worse than before.

Suppose you have pneumonia (a lung infection.) You will definitely have a fever as well. If you take an aspirin the fever will go down. But as soon as the drug wears off, the fever will come right back. We can treat the fever very well, but does it need to be treated? The answer is no, because if you treat the pneumonia, the fever will naturally disappear without any treatment at all.

In this example, the fever is only a symptom of the underlying disease, which is pneumonia. Many of the "diseases" that are vigorously treated with medications are in reality just symptoms of a deeper problem.

Consider a common problem in older men - frequent urination. Most doctors will either give you a prescription or recommend surgery. Frequent urination is really just a symptom of an enlarged prostate. If you take care of the problem, the symptom will go away by itself.

What about high cholesterol? This is just a symptom of a metabolic imbalance in the body, yet most doctors will give you a medication without even trying to correct the reason for elevated cholesterol.

Over the last 8 years, I have done a lot of research in the field of natural medicine. This kind of medicine uses substances such as herbs, vitamins and minerals instead of drugs. The benefit of this approach is obvious - it works with the body, utilizing your healing ability and restoring things back to normal. As a result, not only the symptoms get better, but, most importantly, the problem that has caused them improves also. This is real healing.

The natural products on this website are ones I have worked with over the years. All of them have a proven track record, having been used by literally thousands of my patients. They are 100% natural, without all of the side effects of drugs, and work just as well or even better than the pharmaceuticals. Some are designed to deal with a specific problem, while others are used mainly for prevention and maintenance of good health.

I would like you to start getting the same benefits my patients receive when using these products. Use them with confidence. Not only are they clinically tested, they are also covered by an iron-clad money back guarantee from Physician’s Choice.

You can try each product for a minimum of 3 months. If, for some reason you are not 100% satisfied with the results, return the unused portion for a complete refund, including shipping and handling charges. Also, take advantage of our 24-hour customer support center at 1-800-227-9972.

Yours in good health,
Michael Teplisky, MD

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