Fresh Copper River Sockeye Salmon - Straight From The Copper River

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Ever since 1957 when Anacortes fisherman, Tom Savidge and his wife Marie, built a backyard smokehouse and created specialty seafoods (later renamed SeaBear from Native American legend) we have been dedicated to a singular vision of offering the very best in Northwest salmon … one of the world's great food traditions.

Today as then we are guided by several simple principles:

Only 100% Wild Salmon ~ SeaBear salmon is caught wild in the clear cold waters of Alaska, home to the most abundant wild salmon runs in the world. Wild salmon is superior in color, texture and richness of oil content … the source of the wild salmon's natural flavor. SeaBear selects only the best of the best: less than 1% of all Alaskan Salmon meets SeaBear's standards.

Hand Filleted ~ Every SeaBear salmon is filleted by hand under the direction of our smokehouse chef for a craftsmanship and quality you can see.

Traditionally Smoked ~ Consistent with the centuries old traditions of our region we smoke our salmon over fragrant slow burning alder wood.

Today we ship our salmon to customers in all 50 states. Our Smokehouse is proud to have a tradition of award winning quality and we stand behind every SeaBear salmon with our Fisherman's Oath guarantee.

If you are ever in our part of the world please stop for a tour of a smokehouse, it's fun, delicious and free!

Share the Magic and Tradition of Northwest Salmon
Wild Pacific salmon are one of nature's most magnificent creatures… and one of the world's truly great regional foods. At the SeaBear Smokehouse, our singular focus is to help you share in the magic of this very special experience.

Rich in Tradition…
For centuries, wild Pacific salmon have been an integral part of our culture, traditions and way of life here in the Pacific Northwest. Coastal Salish tribes celebrate the annual return of salmon in a "First Fish" ceremony of reverence, thanksgiving and joy. Local fishermen have been known to kiss the first salmon caught and return it respectfully to the sea. For all Northwesterners an excitement builds when the salmon are running.

A Wonder of Nature…
Wild Pacific salmon are legendary for their incredible life journey. Born in fresh water streams, the young salmon migrate out to sea where they grow to full maturity. Ultimately - and mysteriously - each salmon returns to the exact river of its birth, to spawn and give life to a new generation.

From One of the Most Beautiful Places on Earth…
The clear, clean, icy cold waters of Alaska are home to the most abundant wild salmon runs in the world. These waters provide the perfect natural environment for wild salmon to grow large and rich in beneficial oils… the source of a wild salmon's unmatched flavor.

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