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The objective of The Wine Messenger is to offer our customers a broad selection of high quality wines from around the world. We frequently visit all the wine zones of the world and we pick what we consider the best wines among dozens of small genuine producers interested in selling a small percentage of their production in the U.S. market. We are always among the first to discover new regions. How can this be?... Simple. 1) Our decision process is simple and very quick. 2) We do not carry the wines we sell on a permanent basis, therefore, when a wine is sold out, we move on to other wines we have discovered (if a wine is a great success we will offer it again in future vintages). Our system of constantly rotating wine is unique. Most U.S. distributors "carry the wines" which means they always have their wines in inventory. Adding a new wine, and even more so, adding many wines from a new country is for them a very capital-intensive endeavor. Committees are organized; slow-selling wines are sold-out before bringing in a new line... and that may take months. Since we buy wines in any price range, The Wine Messenger can serve all your wine needs from the simple everyday wine to the very best wines in the world.

We consider wine as a natural product that, if consumed with reason, is proven to be beneficial to the human race. Wine has been man's companion for over 7,000 years. It has quenched his thirst, fed him, protected him from diseases, and was used as an antiseptic in warfare. When drunk in a convivial atmosphere, it was a source of new thoughts, beautiful poetry and sometimes brilliance... what other man-made drink can claim such a record? In our modern age, wine quality has considerably improved particularly thanks to temperature control at fermentation. The generalization of these techniques have permitted to plant vineyards in new areas where it was not possible to make good wines before. But modern age has also brought industrialization of the wine industry where millions and millions of bottles of a same wine are produced. Such wines in our opinion are chemical assemblages that rarely taste fine and that have no soul. We offer our customers an alternative to the branded and mass-marketed wines.

We tend to follow the natural cycle of seasons offering light Whites, Rosés and light Reds in summer and early fall. We feature powerful Reds and Whites in the winter, our top premium wines before the holidays, and most of our new discoveries in the spring. Contrary to most of our competitors, we choose wine only on the basis of quality. Price is never our first consideration; we must be seduced by the wine first. If afterwards, we estimate that the price is high, we will do all we can to reduce it. If we do not succeed, we may not buy this particular wine. Since most of our suppliers are individuals, we attach great importance in knowing and understanding our growers. We proudly introduce some of them to you in the following pictures. Most of them are considered among the very best in their region of production.

One of the major advantages of buying wine from The Wine Messenger is you can mix different wines in either a 6 or 12-bottle case. This way you can sample several of our selections at once... and re-order the ones you like the most.

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